Why Might Plain Concrete Be The Best Solution For Your Home In Carlsbad?

Best Plain Concrete Solutions For Your Home Carlsbad

Plain concrete is concrete that has no additional color. Concrete can be tinted to various different colors, but plain concrete is concrete that does not have any coloring added that would change the appearance or visual flair of it. As well as being able to turn plain concrete into numerous different colors, concrete itself has a lot of benefits over other materials used for flooring and walling.

Easy Maintenance

Concrete is easy to maintain versus carpets, hardwood flooring, tiles, linoleum flooring and other common materials for floors and walls in homes. Carpets need frequent shampooings or cleanings to remove dirt from them, which can be time-consuming depending on the amount of carpet found in your home. Wooden floors require frequent dustings and perhaps occasional refinishing or re-oiling. Tiles and linoleum flooring need occasional scrubbings, but concrete does not require any of this as concrete by itself is very low maintenance. Concrete only requires the occasional sweeping and washing to clean it and concrete will never wear out like wooden floors or carpets can.

Longer Lifespan

Concrete is much more durable than other options and concrete walls and concrete flooring has a longer lifespan than most types of other floor coverings besides concrete. Many homes have tile for their floors that starts to break apart after 25 years or so, which means you must replace your tiles with new ones fairly often. Wood tends to warp over time because it absorbs moisture from outside sources such as rain, snow, humidity and it also might warp from the sun shining on it. Concrete does not absorb moisture from outside sources, concrete walls and concrete floors will never warp over time and concrete is a very durable surface to cover your floor or wall with.

Concrete As An Eco-friendly Material

Concrete is environmentally safe because concrete is made from sand, gravel, water and cement. These four ingredients mixed together along with various chemicals can be turned into concrete easily and concrete itself has undergone many studies to ensure that concrete causes no harm to the environment in its preparation or after concrete has been applied or installed. Concrete is a very eco-friendly material for flooring and for other uses as well because natural resources are used instead of being wasted when creating concrete products.

Adds Value To Your Property

Concrete surfaces, concrete floors and concrete walls add a lot of value to homes instead of taking away from it because concrete is an expensive material in comparison to most other flooring options used for homes. Plain concrete can be purchased at a very low cost in comparison to tiles or hardwood flooring and concrete will never wear out, meaning plain concrete will retain its value over time when you decide to sell your home. Concrete adds a great deal of resale value that other flooring types cannot match due to the lower price of purchasing concrete in contrast to most other materials used for floor coverings.

Best For Rainy And Snowy Areas

Keep that in mind when you want to redo your flooring type or if you want to create a new room such as a basement with all new flooring as you should go with plain concrete, especially if you live in an area where there is high humidity levels outside due to rain, snow or moisture from under the ground.


Concrete is the best choice for doing concrete flooring and concrete walling over other materials such as tiles, hardwood, carpet and others because concrete does not wear out like these other types of material do. For our concrete services, contact our professionals at Concrete Contractor Carlsbad at (760) 576-2525.